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About sb3cg.com

Providing a full range of construction and design solutions

This company was founded out of a desire for more control with a personal, hands on approach. When not working on engineering designs for retail, educational, hospitality, grocery stores, churches, public spaces, restaurants, or any of a variety or projects, our team is devoting time toward strategizing for brand recognition and delivery methods to provide our clients with a full and satisfying experience from start to finish. Engineering is not necessarily an apparent, tangible construct, it’s something that produces a change in the design philosophy between the project stakeholders to provide a well thought out and carefully planned facility that will serve its occupants comfortably, efficiently and cost effectively. That’s what we expect and in turn pledge to you.


Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with an insight that cannot be taught, but can only be personally experienced.


Harnessing creativity and employing sound designs and practical experience for successful outcome.


Ever-advancing skills and perspective, reflecting and refining project approach and designs to address client needs and desires.


Seeing beyond what is the norm and taking it to the next level. Differentiating ourselves from the competition.

If You Need An Engineered Solution,
We Are The Ones For You...

If You Need An Engineered Solution,
We Are The Ones For You...